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Among Ashtavaidyas Eledath Thaikkattu Mooss occupies an important position. Among members of earlier generation, there is mention of a Parameswaran Mooss and his younger brother Narayanan Mooss. Parameswaran Mooss had one son, Narayanan Mooss, who had four sons. Two of them died before marriage leaving behind Neelakandhan Mooss and Ravi Mooss. Neelakandhan Mooss had two sons, Narayanan Mooss and Divakaran Mooss. The title of Vaidyaratnam was conferred on Narayanan Mooss by the Viceroy for his meritorious services. His brother Divakaran Mooss too won national recognition as a physician and was invited to various parts of India for treatment. While at Bombay and at the Baroda Palace, he had opportunities to show his skill in Ayurvedic treatment. In 1914 he established the E. T. M. Vaidyasala at Ollur. Vaidyaratnam Narayanan Mooss had one son, Padmasree Neelakandhan Mooss, who started Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala. Divakaran Mooss had two sons, Ravi Mooss and Divakaran Aryan Mooss. Ravi Mooss has two sons, Divakaran Mooss and Narayanan Mooss. Divakaran Mooss has one son, Ravi Mooss, who has also a degree in Ayurveda.

Ashtavaidyan E.T Divakaran Mooss

(Aniyan Mooss) 1875-1942

Son of Late E. T. Neelakandhan Mooss and brother of Late E.T.Narayanan Mooss (Ettan Mooss). He was a great scholar of Sanskrit and Ayurveda, and was known throughout India as an eminent Ayurvedic Physician. He was the Ayurvedic Physician of Royal family of Cochin.

Ashtavaidyan E.T.Ravi Mooss

(Kunjukuttan Mooss) 1918-1958

Son of Late E.T.Divakaran Mooss. He studied Ayurveda from his father. He used to visit cities like Calcutta and Madras for the treatment of dignitaries. Unfortunately he died at the young age of forty.






Ashtavaidyan E.T Divakaran Aryan Mooss

(Kunjunni Mooss) 1922-1983

Son of Late E.T.Divakaran Mooss and brother of Late E.T.Ravi Mooss.He studied Ayurveda from his brother E.T.Ravi Mooss and his cousin padmasree E.T.Neelakandhan Mooss.


Ashtavaidyan E.T Divakaran Mooss

He was born in 1943 as the son of Late E.T.Ravi Mooss. He studied Ayurveda from his uncle Vayaskara N.S.Mooss. He is the founder of Vaidyaraj Oushadhasala, Anandapuram. also a Chief consulting Physician of Vedic Approach to Health of Maharishi Vedic University,The Netherlands. Chairman of Aatma Ayurvedic Pvt Ltd



Ashtavaidyan E.T Narayanan Mooss

He was born in 1944 as the son of Late E.T.Ravi Moossand younger brother of Ashtavaidyan.E.T.Divakaran Mooss. He also studied Ayurveda from his uncle Vayaskara N.S.Mooss. He is the Chief physician and the Managing Partner of E.T.M Vaidyasala, Ollur.

Ashtavaidyan E.T Ravi Mooss, BAMS

.He was born in 1974 as the son of E.T.Divakaran Mooss. He took his BAMS degree in Ayurveda from The Tamilnadu Dr.MGR Medical University Chennai.Currently He is Managing Director of Aatma Ayurvedic Pvt Ltd, Anandapuram.