Aatma The Ayurvedic Centre

AatmaAATMA stands for Approach of Ashtavaidyan Thaikkattu Mooss to Ayurveda. This centre for Ayurvedic healing was set up with a view to providing Ayurvedic treatment in the true Ashtavidya tradition, one that is fast gaining international recognition and reputation. We at AATMA combine the mode of treatment true to the system based on the principle of food fit for the patient, apart of course form parameters like jyotisha the system of astrology practiced in India and vastushastra or traditional architecture gaining attention in recent times.

Medicines,Treatments and food are administered at AATMA are produced under the direct supervision of our expert physicians . We have also developed an organic herbal and vegetable garden for this purpose. We carry forward a preeminent tradition begun in the eighteenth century by great visionaries, especially Ashtavaidyan Paramewaran Mooss who pioneered several changes in the Ayurvedic system. Following the demands of the times we are also going online trying to disseminate information on genuine Ayurvedic treatment to those who desire. This is apart from telemedicine centres operating from different parts of India facilitating online consultation with the physician . Besides, orders for medicines can be placed online in future. In view of the importance Ayurvedic treatment is gaining in recent times we already developed a fully equipped nursing home at Anandapuram. This centre is to develop as one where training is imparted to doctors and technicians as well.